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He shrank under her gaze, any ounce of confidence in him draining away. She was right after all, he was a child and he barely knew anything compared to her experiences. 

"O-oh…" it was all he could manage not to crack completely. He swallowed, optics looking down and away, he was starting to look like a kicked puppy.

"…if you have any— any advice…" he trailed uselessly. After that display he was fairly convinced there wouldn’t be anything pleasant. If anything he was counting himself lucky she stopped when she did.

"I’d uhm… be happy to listen…"

"Don’t trust a single damn thing a human says, and if you can, get rid of them." Halley’s voice was stone cold, a growl coming from her as she turned surprisingly swiftly and started hobbling away. "They see robots as nothing more than means to an end. We’re expendable. We’re simply objects to be used and played with, anywhere, anytime."

She stopped moving, clawing at her chest and huffing out a bit of steam as her anger rose. “According to them, we’re not alive, we’re not conscious. Just tools. It doesn’t matter if we die. We can always be replaced. The only loss here is the money and materials, not the life of a truly sentient construct who didn’t want to die. They even treat their own the same way they treat us.” She sounded a bit odd as she uttered that last bit, but it was gone by the final syllable.

She turned towards him again, eyes narrowing into an even fiercer glare. “Newbuilt or not, they’re going to treat you the same, as well. They’re hopeless, nothing more than a plague tearing apart the planet that they live on. They’re only useful when they’re dead or enslaved.”

She turned forward again, her frame shaking in rage.

Just like how they think we are.

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X flinched ever so slightly at her frankly bitter tone. “Y-you can learn from something without having to carry it forever,” he contested, albeit still rather timidly. “You can learn from a book without keeping it on you forever, so why not the same with experiences?”

It seemed now he was gaining some gusto, the timidity slowly leaving both voice and posture.

"Besides, keeping wounds like that is a good way to guarantee getting hurt worse later. I may be a newbuilt but even I know that!”

"Perhaps, but what if you forget something vital from that book, and you don’t have it with you? What if you make the same mistakes you made before, but now with worse consequences than before? I’m sure you’d have wished you had the book on you at the time you needed it."

She moved slowly towards him, drawing herself up as much as she could on the crutches, managing to stand more or less at her full height of 6’1”. “Don’t test me, child. I’ve seen more than you could ever even hope to comprehend. I’ve learned hard lessons that are now sugarcoated and brushed over with your generation. And if there’s anything I’ve learned…”

She was now nary a few inches from him, glaring down at him with her hateful, yet somewhat sad eyes. “… it’s that if you forget what has happened and shed it off as if it were nothing but a burden, you’ll only end up making the same god damn mistakes over and over, until either you or perhaps the entire world takes the brunt of the karma.”


"Um, my name is X," he said slowly, trying to keep any nervousness at bay. She looked like she could use some help, lots of it. 

"You uhm, do you need a mechanic? Or maybe the question is er, would you be willing to go to one? You don’t look so great miss…"

"Mechanics, frankly, can bite me." She rolled her eyes, wings folding a bit tighter against her back, fingers twining loosely with each other. "What’s the point of helping those that are damaged by their own, idiotic means? If they get injured, they should carry the wound as a reminder to not fuck up again."

Her dull teal glare once again settled on X, before a snort of contempt followed. “You’re a newbuilt, aren’t you? I can tell by the disgusting amounts of naivety in your expression and body language.”

gaggle-of-robots found the fused Reploid




Red eyes flickered slightly as the Reploid stared at the other.

"Who are you?"

"Could ask ya the same thing."

The magpie ‘bot stared right back at Infinent, arms crossed and brow quirked. “You’re a bit of an odd one. If you weren’t already aware, Halloween’s been over for like, half a year now.”

The fused Reploid’s eyes flickered slightly again, as a frown  appeared.

"I’m aware. However I can’t get back to how I looked before."

Her other brow joined the first one in getting to know her hairline.

"What, armor transfer glitch or summin’? That shit can be easily fixed y’know."

gaggle-of-robots found the fused Reploid


Red eyes flickered slightly as the Reploid stared at the other.

"Who are you?"

"Could ask ya the same thing."

The magpie ‘bot stared right back at Infinent, arms crossed and brow quirked. “You’re a bit of an odd one. If you weren’t already aware, Halloween’s been over for like, half a year now.”


gaggle-of-robots started following you

X wriggled a bit in place, he was trying to get over his shyness, really he was. Say hi first, don’t forget to introduce yourself this time…

He took a breath, and offered a wave. “Um, hi there.”


X was met with a frown and a stressed gaze, the robot standing before him clearly in… less than stellar condition. She leaned heavily on a pair of crutches, and her wings, while perhaps grand at one point, were disheveled and dirty.

"And… You are?" Her voice was gravelly, and carried an edge of disdain.

gaggle-of-robots found the archives


"I was speaking in general," They seemed to be rather…odd. Not bad by any means—if anything, their speaking manner was more endearing than anything else at this point, but odd nonetheless. "I’ve had quite a few visitors lately, you included."

He looked around for a moment, looking back to the android—whom he only assume had something to do with OVER-X, in some way tying to their title—to give him a smile. “This is where I’ve been staying, call it the Archives if you feel the need. It’s, ah, more or less a library of sorts.”

X would be fully willing to admit, however, that is was almost intimidating how tall he was. X himself barely passed four feet—having a unit before him that was nearly three feet taller than him was almost a little uncomfortable.

OVER nodded once, quickly, immediately making another sweep of the area. “Multiversal Coordinates registered, title: ‘Archives.’ Will be moved to cache for later use.”

And they looked back towards X, blinking once, slowly. “This unit’s designation is DCLN-000, OVER-X. It is an advanced combat Reploid, originally meant to be mass produced before the passing of both Doctors. It is now its own unit, and wanders the Multiverse to see if it can provide assistance for others.”

They gave another short nod, their expression as blank as ever. “This unit requests your designation for future reference.”