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Been a while, hasn't it?

This is an independent roleplay blog for my collection of Megaman muses, be they canon or not. It's also under construction, but still open for interaction. I'll RP with anyone.

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∩ Or are you too afrraid to ansssswerr?
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"I am never afraid." Halley’s voice was icy cold, her eyes narrowed and a cruel grin on her face. "However… I can tell you innate fears of my old project, Freeze… She fears fire, and she fears being unable to fly. Combining the two is more than enough to get her under your heel, if you will."

She chuckled. “I’ll have to tell Ivo about that…”

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why are people talking about ivo having kids

this is a very disconcerting thought

Wow I am fucking exgausted

Care to explain what a bio master is
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"No. Now get out—"

[[ Hal don’t be a fucking twat.

A Bio-Master like Hal is as close to fifty-fifty human and machine as they could get at the time of her creation. If she were made in a different time era in Falloutverse, like this one, she’d likely be more fitting of the title than she already is.

So yeah a Bio-Master is a fancy cyborg essentially ]]

[[ ivo just looks so startled in those reactin images im gonna ]]


Julian nodded. “Very well.. This… this should be interesting.” He tightened his left fist, already plotting out how to deal with this….’Freeze’. But…. he knew little of the technology here… and if this woman wasn’t ‘top of the line’…. then…. how strong would Freeze be?….

He shook his head. He’d deal with that when he got there…. but if this was in the far future… perhaps this was the same era that X would be in…. If he could get more data on Reploids…. he might be able to deal with her easier. “Oh I’m always eager to learn new things….” He added. “And deal with new obstacles…” His left arm glowed with a darker power.

"But we will only deal with necessary obstacles.”

She raised a crutch, pointing it at him with a dangerous glare. “I couldn’t give two shits about humankind and the robot I’ve told you about, but if we’re going to make any progress we need to go about it peacefully. Freeze is simply a means to an end, perhaps an addition to your own personal defense force, if you will. She’s the best bet we have of getting the resources we need, and even then, containing her won’t be easy.”

She lowered the crutch before holding her hands about a foot apart, a few sparks crackling between her fingers before a holoscreen suddenly popped up in the air in front of her. “Ah… This still works. Pleasant.” She moved her hands, the screen remaining suspended as she shuffled through things, soon pulling up a map and pushing the display to Ivo.

"This is the unlabeled version, but here’s the basic layout of the planet. Abel, which is Freeze’s city, is located right in the middle of the island near ex-Canada’s coastline. It’s by far the most populated city, as well as the only city with a multiversal collision point in it. It’s a hub for the eccentric and foreign, and actually one of the more pleasant cities."

She crossed her arms, grinning at him. “I suppose that’s our next destination, then? The only problem is finding a teleportation capsule big enough to hold the two of us. The cooldown periods are… Tedious at best.”

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Julian nodded as she refused his aid. He looked at his left arm for a moment before clutching it tightly. “Very well…. But before I ask said questions…. I’d have a look at everything I’ll be working on…. just in case those questions would be answered after the fact.” He chuckled.

"Other than…. who is it you speak of? I would rather have the name of the one I’ll be dismantling."

"Her serial code is PDN-000, Mk III, but her casual designation is Freeze. As far as I know she’s currently a top-of-the-line military robot, who is also fully sentient and… very snappy. Also enjoys conflict and has a lot of flings. Overall a useless construct." She spat out the word ‘useless’ as if it held a bitter taste, her frown returning in all of its glory. "She can easily live up to her name and flash-freeze a variable radius around her, capable of immobilizing even Mechaniloids, provided they aren’t built around the base element of fire."

"I think you would find her… Useful."

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